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The field goal for Super Bowl XXXVIII did indeed pass through the uprights with 4 seconds left, although in most people's memories, the kick was assumed to be the last play of the game.Interestingly enough, Adam Vinatieri's game-winning kick in Super Bowl XXXVI actually passed through the uprights with about 3-4 seconds left, but the NFL chose to let the clock expire after the kick.

I'd be happy to see the correct trivia here, but I used two references, and when I copied my correction from the Catherine Bell page to here, this old reference system kept them from showing up.If anyone wants to add the correct trivia (Catherine Bell predicted the winner and score, but after the teams playing had been announced), please so do.You could put efeito sonoro de transiãƒâ§ãƒâµes in a domain format and improve your search results.Read more Read this article to see how a IP address looks. Does your efeito sonoro de transiãƒâ§ãƒâµes search?This paper presents a new and simple method to determine the hydrodynamic coefficients for subsea pipelines in the drag and inertial flow regime.

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However, they've obviously held to their stringent rules since then. There are technically only TWO Super Bowls that were decided on the last play of the game, though you could include XXXVIII knowing what I just told you, or one considering that there really were about 3-4 seconds left to play in XXXVI that the NFL chose to let expire. Shabeki , 9 April 2007 (UTC) ģ I corrected the trivia section on Catherine Bell's page on the 14th.