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I have a dlna server set up in our house, and two days ago, while watching a movie through our dlna server to her xbox, the video simply froze.The audio continued to work, and we could hear our controller input working (pressing the jewel resulted in the proper noise, etc.).

xbox froze while updating-3

My xxbox 360 started doings those things just before the Red Rings Of Death (RROF) apeared.I suggest you (if your xbox360 still has warranty) to call to the microsoft offices so the can change your xbox, that was what i did.I just found a file on gta v with a yellow exclamation mark labeled incomplete xbox 360 game.I deleted that and still found that gta v was still downloaded but the file that was incomplete was gone. do you think there's too many saved games or filed in the gta v game i have? Hi there, I don't know if I'm the only one experiencing this, but sometimes the screen freezes and the audio makes a strange noise, a few seconds later the game closes and I have to start again, I've checked and it only happens with MKX.

My wife and I have two xbox 360s, and recently hers (which is also the oldest) started doing some strange video glitching.

another trick wich i do not reccomend have not tested it myself its hear say from my brother put it in your fridge for five to ten mins so all the oil and fluids in the console can cool down making the moniculles take their original positions then when the console is cold but not MOIST OR WET plug it in and it could work YET AGAIN A WARNING!!!

i have never tested this myself its only hearsay from my brother i do not reccomend this methot at all !!!

The next day, same issue happened while watching something over dlna, however, this time, restarting the xbox did not work.

Now, when I boot the xbox, the video freezes after a few seconds of the startup splash screen.

We've used the other xbox for streaming, too, and haven't had any issues. Also, I cannot boot the system far enough to try changing the resolution, or do any sort of system updates, and I thought I made that pretty clear.