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Nurse Karen grew up in her aunt’s house in Mumbai while her parents struggled in small-town Gujarat. My father lost his job and it caused problems in their relationship.” In Mumbai, she grew up in thrall of her cousin Shalini, 13 years older. But all kinds of Malayali girls register as nurses every year.Shalini trained as a nurse and in that ideal trajectory hit California and saved her family. Karen and others make it sound like an obvious choice even though it is complicated.

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” She is also the nursing superintendent who fired her.

She is the one who made everyone laugh at the idea of a nurse not speaking Malayalam.

You have to ask why even Libya — broken, bullet-scarred and currently in possession of 14 psychiatrists for the whole nation — is a better choice than any place in India? And if we don’t see her as a martyr to the family coffers, who is the woman emerging out of the smoke then? The nurse told by her private hospital employers to prove that she really was away at her mother’s funeral because ‘this obituary in the paper could be anybody’s mother’.

Nobody’s Servant When Karen Arrakal told her school friends that she had decided to train as a nurse, they were appalled. They are sort of ok with the idea of giving medicines or injections but shocked that I was going to bathe strangers. The nurse who died after she contracted dengue at work and went undiagnosed for a week.

But nurses have discovered along the way that they can be cowboy, gold miner or nun. If she likes the look of your face she will warn you that the elderly doctor inside is a shark who over-prescribes.

They can be adventure-loving, power-seeking and hugely independent. Take his prescription and run, she hisses in Malayalam.

She is throwing on a hijab as she leaves her Jeddah home.

She is the nurse in Delhi who was fired for speaking Malayalam in the lift when she asked her off-duty pal, “Pallil ponno?

And unlike the tragic army nurse protagonist of the 1968 KR Vijaya starrer , Reni feels in complete control of her life.

(Aside: look for the film to hear KR Vijaya belt out song and dialogue in Hindi.) Reni thinks she can stall her grandmother.

But a nurse abroad is a far, far better thing than a nurse at home.