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More recently, they have made it possible for some users to offer upgrade services for additional costs with their gigs.

Then all I could do was wait for someone to see the same opportunity that I saw and create a site for adult gigs. I looked online for a site like the one I had in mind, and the only thing I could find at that time was a very sparingly designed site called Five Jizz.

I explained my background in the adult industry and offered them an interview with me, should they be interested.To my pleasant surprise, I got a positive response and later that day we booked a date for an interview via Skype, which I had never done before.As I started using the site and watching it unfold as they added new features and improved various elements of the user experience, I had a moment of inspiration and decided to post a gig offering to send buyers 5 adult photos of myself in exchange for . I made quite an impressive number of sales, somewhat to my surprise! I soon found out that Fiverr prohibited any “adult-themed” gigs, and it didn’t take them very long to develop an effective gig approval system that made it impossible to create gigs to sell pictures. Someone needed to do this and give users the freedom of choosing what type of gigs they were willing to offer!The things about Fiverr that basically suck does not end there.I clicked on it to check it out, and was pleasantly surprised!

Their guests were all different types of adult workers from porn stars to authors and some cam girls too!Maybe you’re familiar with a popular website called Fiverr that launched just over a year ago?In case you haven’t heard of it already, it was an interesting idea based around people selling services and completing tasks for a flat rate of per gig.I was excited and looked forward to hearing from them and anticipated their site going live!It would be something like six months later when the site finally went live and I visited the domain for the first time.Hey there, today I will be introducing you to a new online marketplace where you can create and sell amateur porn.