In her spare time she speed eats Peanut M&M’s and samples the local wine whilst pinning random stuff on pinterest.

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Lonely Wives Dating Club Negatives: The home page of Lonely Wives Dating is quite distracting with large flashing ads and poor quality photos but you probably didn’t come here for the navigation screen anyway.

having an affair I doubt very much that I would have the forethought to sign up for one of the many hundreds of internet affair clubs that have suddenly sprung up over the World Wide Web, 20 or so of which send me invites daily. I think I’ve done alright in the marriage department. On the rare occasions that he goes out of town on important on the DVR that need watching.

He still has his own hair and teeth, he makes a fantastic curry and his feet don’t smell.

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She’d love to have a day job but her Spanish isn’t up to much more than grocery shopping, so she wastes her time on twitter as @vbincatalunya and Facebook, and occasionally writes blog posts at being English and living in a rice field.

She can often be found bemoaning the lack the British cheese and of course, the weather. Mundane Magic Bravely facing daily madness by focusing on the little moments.

I appreciate that my email address of ‘veryboredhousewife’ makes me an easy target, but my boredom comes from living in the middle of nowhere and having no decent shopping.

It does not stretch to boredom in the bedroom department, and if it did I might have the email address ‘verysexuallyfrustratedhousewifewhosgaggingforit’, you catch my drift?

Online dating has been a blessing in disguise for me because it gave me the confidence to be my unapologetic self.

I started during a stage in my life where I was insecure, and online dating helped me learn a…

Served with an extra helping of sassy mouth at Southern Spark. Living this life, and having a laugh or two along the way.