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He is playing Columbus like a moron and he is great and having just the best time! Describe the situation when, while on the set of the variety show, you met some of the original “Saturday Night Live” cast? The station who syndicated Stern in Los Angeles wanted to go to talk and they heard me. Getting a chance to do a show in Los Angeles was an unbelievable opportunity and Kenny was icing on the cake.We used to bicker on the air but he's a real sweetheart.

I think we were all jealous of Maureen and Barry since the entire wardrobe budget (which I think was 0.00) was spent on them. It taught me that love endures many phases and takes on many forms. It was very real and I worked with speech therapists but I still haven't entirely gotten rid of it. How was the feeling being back with your “brothers” and “sisters”? Okay, now’s your chance to kill all the rumors that have spread about you over the years… I never knew people could be so brazen about lying. I actually asked to leave during a commercial break but the DJ wouldn’t let me go.

What was it like when Robbie Rist (“Cousin Oliver”) joined the cast? Yay: get the focus off me, now I don't have to be the youngest! He is still a good friend; I partially named my son after him. My Speech therapist when I was 19 said it was as good as it would get. Actually it was during the show [“The Brady Bunch”] that we did that. Actually in doing the interviews and such there were really a lot of great people involved and they were doing some really decent work. Geri Reischl [who replaced Eve Plumb as “Jan”] and Mike Lookinland and I used to escape our studio school and go hang out in Chevy's production offices. He promised that we would wrap things up quickly but he didn't. I was miles away when they were saying over the air that they were calling the police to get me out of the building.

She’s appeared in reunion shows, hosted a radio talk-show in Los Angeles; is an artist, a musician, a loving mother, an animal lover, and a die-hard Zeppelin fan! I did commercials starting at the age of 14 months. I got out of the business when I was 3 then I got "discovered" by a talent scout when I was five in kindergarten. I mostly remember doing episodes of “Gunsmoke” because I got to work with animals.

How old were you when you were cast in “The Brady Bunch”?

We worked on separate shows at a dot com station called Comedy World a couple of years later.

Just being around him is fun because he's funny and fiercely smart and opinionated.THE BRADY BUNCH phenomenon is something that will never go away.Not only is it one of the most remembered shows in television history, but it’s very universal. But the stories and the characters are always relatable, especially with kids.Each “Brady” child often dealt with something having to do with their age and/or position in the family: being the oldest, being in the middle, or – last but certainly not least – the youngest.Susan Olsen, who played the angelic blue-eyed baby of the family, “Cindy Brady”, is as sweet, funny, cute, and honest as ever.I like the Fairy Princess Episode, "Eeny Meenie Mommy Daddy", because I am so young in it. I felt the show had gone on long enough and I was going through a very awkward stage. I felt I was getting uglier by the minute (and I was).