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Now, Devariel has a whole new appreciation for the baseball team and college athletes as a whole.“It’s like a different perspective on college,” said Devariel.

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This sometimes allows them to only see each other two out of 14 days because of tournaments and practices that require traveling.However, Roehling believes that dating an athlete while being one herself, is too rewarding to take for granted.This makes the even bigger challenge finding time to be alone, and to relax without other obligations.Krista Roehling, a senior psychology major, faces this challenge twice over, being an athlete as well.“Dating an athlete has definitely been fun, I have gotten to know the whole team and they have welcomed me like I’m family,” said Robbins.

She also loves being able to cheer him on from the stands with all of his friends and family.In the case of Devariel, she’s dating the person she loves, who just happens to be an athlete.“Dating [an athlete], you really just forget about it,” she said.Raquel Devariel, a sophomore Bobcat from Puerto Rico, reached out to university administrative staff to put her in contact with other Puerto Ricans at Ohio University at the start of her freshman year.Manny De Jesus was the name she received, and once she discovered that he was a baseball player, retreat mode was activated.Essentially, athletes are studying two professions, an academic major and their sport of choice.