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The service presents Spanish-speaking individuals with an online dating solution that meets the specific needs of the Latino community.Amor has a large database of Spanish speaking singles who are looking for a life partner together.

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One of amazing features on is a special Toolbar which can work right in your web browser.Using this Toolbar you will automatically be marked as online straight away after entering your browser.Amor’s South American and Central American membership base enables people to meet other Amor members who live across the border.When a member upgrades his membership he obtains access to the Amor chatroom as well as the ability to send and receive messages, videos and/or audios to any other member. This community contains more than 2 millions members.

This site makes Hispanic singles from all over the world come together.

Read the latest dating complaints and reviews from members that actually tried the service.

See how much each service costs and what their membership fees are.

The sign on the toolbar panel will also let you know when you get an instant message, an e-mail or a wink from other member.

Amor Dating specializes in online dating for Spanish-speaking singles in North America, Central America and South America.

This way you will have more chances to be found by your love. First of all you need to make up your user name and password.