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If the first parameter is empty or contains only whitespace characters (spaces, newlines, etc.) it displays the third argument. To do so, nest the inner #if function in its full form in place of a parameter of the enclosing #if function.

If this is not desirable, comparison of strings can be done after putting them in quotation marks.

style is used to force the whitespace to be preserved by the browser, but even with it the spaces are not shown.

If the strings to be compared are given as equal calls to the same template containing such tags, then the condition is true, but in the case of two templates with identical content containing such tags it is false.

Literal comparisons to page-name magic words may fail depending on site configuration.

In addition, dropped and rejected values are listed at the end for comprehensiveness.

element which is not ideal for content relationships.the same encoding as in the Media Wiki source page using this parser function).and similar) are known to return strings that are needlessly HTML-encoded, even if their own input parameter was not HTML-encoded: The titleparts parser function can then be used as a workaround, to convert these returned strings so that they can be processed correctly by some other parser functions also taking a page name in parameter (such as Does not work because brackets are illegal in page titles and this parser function does not process links embedded in its input pagename parameter, even when they use the Media Wiki syntax, or any other HTML or Media Wiki tags.The results of substituted parser functions are undefined if the expressions contain unsubstituted volatile code such as variables or other parser functions. This 'hides' the pipe from the Media Wiki parser, ensuring that it is not considered until after all the templates and variables on a page have been expanded.For consistent results, all the volatile code in the expression to be evaluated must be substituted. It will then be interpreted as a table row or column separator.(It may be configured to provide additional parser functions for string handling; these string functions are documented elsewhere.) All the parser functions provided by this extension take the form: The available operators are listed to the right, in order of precedence.