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The difference between the University of Virginia and Harvard, said Mac Kay-Smith, is that Virginia is trying to pass a plan that will be very specific."We don't want to specify," she said.

But the University of Virginia proposal goes farther, seeking to restrict teachers from having romantic liaisons with any undergraduates.At Harvard, restrictions on such relationships are unclear.The University officially forbids relationships between teachers and their students.This includes students' amorous ties with professors, teaching fellows, course assistants, administrators, tutors, proctors and prefects.Uva has many single men and women just like you seeking online love and romance, friendship, relationship & marriage.

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(A personal fantasy of mine) But, alas, these men have been neither handsome nor charming: So, after a year of giving these men my number – YES foot fetish man has my number and YES I ran into him at Whole Foods recently and pretended he was crazy when he said I looked familiar – I finally learned the power of saying no.

Year: 4th Major: Psychology and Women, Gender, and , Sexuality Hometown: Richmond, VA 1.

Why are you passionate about your program at the Women’s Center?

It’d be a sappy “meet-cute” story about us bonding over our eczema in the dermatologist’s office. And I’m not here to rip on dudes, because they’re in a tough position, I get it. I had a crush on a guy once and was talked into telling him by another guy friend. He’d liked her for a while and was finally introduced – and tomorrow night was the big night!