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An international jet setter or the stay-at-home (stay-at-mansion) type?

How important is age, physical appearance, and personality?

The highest rated dating websites visited by successful singles are: • Millionaire • Millionaire • Elite • Established • Wealthy • Millionaires Club123The ultra exclusive sites are: • Diamond • Beautiful Most upper-crust dating sites have strict standards for membership, screen their members carefully to ensure truthfulness, and require that they complete extensive personal profiles to maximize compatibility.When you have found an online dating website that looks promising, spend some time getting familiar with what the site has to offer.Be careful how quickly, and to whom, you dole out personal information, especially your real name, home address, phone number, and email.When you first speak to a potential date on the phone, use a pre-paid cell phone, or a caller ID blocker.Today, a jury of seven women and five men took less than three hours to unanimously find Tebbs guilty of murder.

The killer, wearing a black three-piece suit, lavender shirt and blue tie, bowed his head as the verdict was announced while cries of ‘yes’ came from the public gallery packed with Kate’s close friends and family.Also, never communicate self-doubt, or, worse, desperation, which is far more likely to repel than attract a suitor.Anyone who is computer savvy knows the Internet can be a dangerous playground, especially when it comes to romance. In fact, meeting rich people online is easier than you might think.Whether you’re a man or woman seeking marital riches, you should ask a few important questions of yourself before diving into the sometimes-chaotic ocean of online dating. Exclusive dating sites have gained wide appeal not only among the anonymous wealthy, but the rich and famous as well— Celebrities who have reportedly used or visited online dating sites include Joan Rivers, Stephanie Pratt, Halle Berry, Chace Crawford, Matthew Perry, Rivers Cuomo, and Charlie Sheen.