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However, annual precipitation amounts can vary greatly from one year to another.Mean annual temperatures across the State range from 54.0 ° F in northern New Castle County to 58.1 ° F along the Atlantic coast of southern Delaware.

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This would translate to -71 by the new formula (-100F by the old formula.) What about the highest heat index ever reached in the Twin Cities or Minnesota?

The heat index is a "feels like" measure which factors together temperature and dew point.

Average annual precipitation is approximately 45” statewide.

The State is often affected by seasonally occurring severe weather including winter and spring nor-easters that can drop heavy snow and cause coastal flooding, autumn tropical systems with high winds, coastal flooding and heavy rainfall and spring and summer severe thunderstorms.

Latest temperatures across NJ appear in the above map.

Click on the map or here, the New Jersey Weather and Climate Network, for much more information.

The temperature was -34 with a wind speed of 15 mph.

Without a lengthy state-wide wind record, it is difficult to say when was the coldest statewide wind chill.

The answer can be tricky because the National Weather Service began to use a modernized wind chill formula in November 2001.

Perhaps the coldest wind chill the Twin Cities has ever seen was -63 with the new formula (-77 with the old formula) back on January 22nd 1936.

The moderating effects of the surrounding water bodies lessen temperature extremes compared to nearby interior locations.