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Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead?(2.0.4-0ubuntu7) edgy-security; urgency=low * ooo-build/patches/src680/itiff.diff: fix tiff heap overflow (CVE-2007-2834) (2.0.4-0ubuntu6) edgy-security; urgency=low * ooo-build/patches/src680/prtdata.diff: fix RTF parser heap overflow (CVE-2007-0244) (2.0.4-0ubuntu5) edgy-security; urgency=low * Security updates prepared from the Debian packages: - starcalc-file-format-parser-2.2.diff: fix Star Calc format file parser stack overflow (CVE-2007-0238).Therefore this question is useful for those who for some reasons want to replace the default software with Libre Office, which does not differ a lot. Seems to be conflict or confusion with Java - this appears to be effecting more than a few people: za/… ubuntuforum advice didn't fix it: ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php? p=12223047&postcount=8, and seems there're related bugs, but not enough caring: bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/ source/libreoffice/ bug/926594.

(2.0.4-0.1pre) unstable; urgency=medium * The "Happy Birthday Open Office.org! Keep mozilla- after it and move mozilla-browser to the end.

(to be removed) - stop conflicting against openoffice.org-gcj at -java-common - Build-Conflict against libstlport5.0-dev (= 5.0.2-10) (see #392131) * debian/README.

This may also aid you in determining any dependency problems if they exist. Install the desktop integration features for your setup.

cd to desktop-integration in the installation directory, and, depending on your package manager/system, install the appropriate desktop interface using RPM. Finally, start up Apache Open Office 4.0.0 to insure it's working. su to root, if necessary, and navigate to Apache Open Office installation directory.

- cws-obr04-*.diff: fix escaping of hyperlinks (CVE-2007-0239).

- libwpd-CVE-2007-0002.diff: patch OOos (unused here) internal libwpd copy for CVE-2007-0002.

Ubuntu 8.10 “Intrepid Ibex” sources by default include Open 2.4 instead of the latest Open 3.0.

This means that the update manager by default won’t update Open Office automatically. – Select “more platforms and languages” (notice the poor tool-tip spelling! – Select the deb package for your country and choose either Linux DEB or Linux DEB 64 depending on if you have a x86 or x64 system.

Debian-source: add * merge from /openofficeorg--unstable--2.0.4: - patch-34: Add gij as an alternative dependency for a java runtime.

- patch-36: Build again the openoffice.org-gcj package using the updated java-gcj-compat-dev build infrastructure; don't build native code for ridl.jar, avoiding a crash in the JVM.

The following command should work: tar -xvzf "linux package name"gz where "linux package name" is the beginning part of the archive you just downloaded. The name of the installation directory will likely be the language abbreviation for the install set, e.g., en-US. Add the install directory as a "local repository" for your GUI package manager if possible.