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Our custom monitoring and graphing tool Longview can give you a detailed breakdown of system performance and resource usage.

Longview can be used to monitor any virtual server or computer running Linux - including systems not hosted by Linode.

Similar to a vehicle’s dashboard, which has gauges for things like speed and oil pressure, performance monitoring tools provide valuable insight into the inner workings of your virtual server.

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There’s not necessarily anything wrong with your Linode.

For example, your server may be operating above the threshold if you’re compiling software or if a major website just linked to your blog.

This guide introduces the essential tools and skills you’ll need to keep your server in tip-top shape.

You’ll learn how to monitor the availability and performance of your system, manage your logs, and update your server’s software.

If you depend on your website or web application for your livelihood, an availability monitoring tool is practically a necessity.

Once set up, the tool actively watches your servers and services and alerts you when they’re unavailable.

Lassie is not technically an availability monitoring tool, but it can help get your Linode back online fast if it’s accidentally powered off.

Here’s how to turn Lassie on and off: monitoring tools record vital server and service performance metrics.

You’ll be able to troubleshoot the problem and restore service as quickly as possible.

Whether you use one virtual private server or dozens of them, mission-critical servers and services should be watched by an independent monitoring tool that can keep tabs on their availability.

On our platform, Longview, in conjunction with the Linode Manager email alerts, can help you to know quickly when your system is overloaded, and find out why.