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Whether you’ll get used to this keyboard design will largely depend upon how much time you can spend on training yourself and your patience level.Those migrating from traditional phones (with just a number pad) should have a slightly easier time to get used to the Black Berry Pearl keyboard as Sure Type will save you a few key presses and you will always have multi-tap to fall back on.You can use Black Berry® Desktop Software to look for and install updates on your smartphone.

Though shinny, the phone doesn’t feel very slippery and won’t slip out of your hand by accident.The 2.2” display takes up a good portion of the front face, and below it are the menus keys and keyboard which have white backlighting.The Cingular version of the Black Berry Pearl Gone is the beloved jog wheel found on the side of other of Black Berries; the Pearl has a flat track ball sitting in the center of the front face just below the display and it’s touch sensitive control that allows you to scroll up/down and left/right by brushing your thumb or finger over it.The scrolling controls are quite responsive and easy to get used to.#header_nav #content ul#navtop ul#gnav div.inner img#search #sidebar_content .lia-component-tkb-widget-top-contributors-taplet #nav_button_group #content #nav_banner #header_nav #nav_banner .

In order to download software from this website, you must be using Firefox or Windows® Internet Explorer v5.5 or higher.

Before updating you need to check the current software version on your Black Berry.

Check your software version by opening the menu from your Black Berry's home screen, then selecting options, then About.

RIM is the last company you’d expect to produce a sexy mobile device when their large, utilitarian Black Berry devices have filled their device portfolio for years and have earned them cult status and the “Crack Berry” name to go with it.

As life would have it, RIM surprised us with the Black Berry Pearl 8100 smartphone that’s not only smart but fashionable and flashy enough to compete in today’s mobile market where mobile phones also function as personal style accessories. 1.97 x 0.57 inches with a shinny black plastic housing and gun-metal silver side accents, the Black Berry Pearl can compete with the Nokia 8801 (OK, almost) or the Motorola SLVR L7 when it comes to fashion, yet it’s a phone with brains.

The keys on the Pearl have more of a rocking motion than any other phone number pad or QWERTY keyboards we’ve seen and the keys are physically larger than those of the Treo or the Black Berry 8700.