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In 2015, Japan enforced an 'Entertainment Law' which severely limited the industry.

Without strapping young humans to do the work, machines may be the next best thing.Photographer Bob Thissen, 31, from Herleen, Netherlands, said: 'There is a myth that Japanese ghosts live in abandoned buildings, I think it may scare people into not entering or vandalising this abandoned building.The fake marble is starting to decay and the wall drapes are discoloured from age The hotel is now derelict.Most of the ceilings are collapsing in, littering the floor with shards of plaster, wood and wallpaper.If owners do not abide by the rules, the government could close their establishments Pictured, a rotting embroidered bed sits in an alpine-themed room.

It is believed the industry is worth as much as billion a year.

As older generations start to die off without younger generations starting families behind them, economists say Japan shows all the signs of a ...

more Ever since 1899 when Japan began collecting data on how many babies are born each year, the total has never fallen below 1 million. With a week left in the year, officials predict only 981,000 babies will have been born — a dip of 25,000 from 2015. Japan's fertility crisis has been many years in the making.

This is despite most people claiming they do want to get married eventually.

In the meantime, the time bomb has forced Japan to recognize the importance of innovation more than ever — specifically, with robotics technology.

A Roykan is a 17th century inn, where travellers could stop for the night and rest.