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Kerwyn Jordan said that many other groups, although somewhat inactive now, have been in existence for years.

Two other men arrive and beat and then gang rape him.

They then took his ATM card and tried to withdraw money, but they realised he gave them the wrong PIN number. They took a picture of him and threatened to expose him, if he went to the authorities. He never bothered to go to the police or even meet with us and accept any help or medical attention.

Local poet Jaase wondered: When will the government show its commitment to the citizenship and human rights of the GLBT people, who are the fabric of our nation, if they wont do so in the National Gender Policy.

While Pride Month marks the 15th anniversary since the first GLBT event, CAISO representatives explained that their community has been around and active a lot longer than that.

Robinson said that this is a good opportunity to open up the floor for discussion: This is an invitation to the Minister to come to the table and sit down and talk about what needs to happen.

We were intentionally written out of the Equal Opportunities Act.The group was formed as a reaction to the unsettling statements made by the Minister of Community Development, Culture and Gender Affairs, Marlene Mc Donald, expressing her ambivalence to GLBT people of Trinidad and Tobago.Speaking at a post-Cabinet press conference about the draft document for the National Gender Policy and Action Plan, Minister Mc Donald declared: We are not dealing with any issues related to...same-sex unions, homosexuality or sexual orientation.We have figured out it is wrong to do it against disabled persons. Why is it right to do it homosexuals, bisexuals and transgender persons? At the end of the day we are human beings and we are entitled to our rights as well.Jordan explained that CAISO represents all those silent voices within the community who want to let the public know that they are here and eventually have equal status.CAISO which was formed a month ago, is one of the many incarnations of organisations representing members of the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (GLBT) community in the country.