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Men, mostly in their thirties, who’d paid steep sums—a VIP membership on Baihe can cost up to ,000 per year—had the opportunity to meet eligible young women who attended for free.The event was modeled on the wildly popular dating show Fei Cheng Wu Rao, which translates as “If You’re Not Serious, Don’t Bother Me.” (The English title is “If You Are the One.”) But whereas the TV show features a panel of women interrogating one man, this event flipped the formula: Ten of Baihe’s most eligible Beijing bachelors grilled a series of ladies, assessing their attitude, appearance, and overall marriageability.

” “I want to ask you about your sign…”) she answered playfully (“Guess.” “Why are you always asking about signs? In the end, she narrowed it down to him and bachelor No. She asked them one last question: “What quality can you not tolerate in a woman? 5 said he hates it when girls fight with him for no reason. 10 said he doesn’t like a girl who gives up easily. With only eight guys onstage, they invited up two replacements: A 34-year-old Beijinger named Gao Wei who looked like he’d been cast in a Chinese remake of Grease, and me.

I introduced myself: “Hi everyone, my name is Chris, I’m from Boston in the United States, and I don’t care at all about astrological signs.” This did not endear me to the audience.

It was, he said, since you can save a lot of time and energy otherwise spent on sorting out good prospects from bad.

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A friend came up to testify that she’s very organized, and calm under pressure. My interest waned, however, when she said her hobbies were “going to work” and “sleeping.” I pushed my mushroom light off. No one seemed to think this question was weird, including her. 3 had a different worry: How tall did a guy have to be to date her? (I shouldn’t have said I didn’t care about signs—amateur move.) But when she asked No. No one had acted the way you’re supposed to act on a dating show, cracking jokes or trying to prove how fun they were.

While this was all very impressive, I got the strong sense she didn’t want to be here, so I turned off my light as a sort of protest vote. The crowd was starting to look bored, especially when the next contestant, a 25-year-old hipster-looking girl wearing Chuck Taylors, said she was just there to “buy soy sauce,” slang for “for no reason.” I decided it was time to raise the stakes. She said she’s very respectful, and likes to stay at home. She said she could date someone 3 cm shorter than her, but no more. 9 why he’d turned his light off, he seemed to have a minor existential crisis. It was more like a job interview in front of a panel of bosses.

Musicality and Artistry are also paramount: the best performances can transcend athletics, blurring the boundaries between sport and art.

Routines receive scores for technical merit, execution and artistry, which are combined to form the final score.

This version had more symbolic power, I thought, since it dramatized China’s lopsided gender ratio, in which men are expected to outnumber women by 24 million in 2020.

The event’s money-for-love premise didn’t seem to bother anyone.

From this perspective, the women’s relative calm seemed less like quiet weakness than quiet strength.