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Here's a run down of some of the major online DVD retailers.

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With distribution centers across the country Netflix does an outstanding job of getting your selections to you in a resonable amount of time.

One very nice feature at DVDEmpire is their pre-order manager which is a great tool to keep track of the titles you've pre-ordered, and their order process is pretty flawless.

DVD Empire gets good marks for customer service - a recent call to customer service was answered within 5 mins and the customer service person was able to address the issue right away.

• Web: • Phone: 1-800-624-3078 • Email: [email protected] the one and only reason to buy from is price.

Across the board they've got solid prices on their goods, but once in a while they have a smoking hot deal that is simply too good to pass up.

• Web: • Phone: 724-933-0399 • Email: [email protected] all the Highly Recommended Stores is certainly the 'plainest' looking but don't let looks deceive you gets extremely high marks for customer service, order handling and value.

It's a wonder why doesn't get more attention, what used to be called 'Ken Crane's' continues to be one of the most personable online etailer with quick and friendly customer service - a recent customer service call was answered within 1 min and the issue/question was resolved within a few moments. The biggest problem with DVD Planet is their site can sometimes be very slow and it's so utilitarian you may want to do your browsing elsewhere before buying here.If you're in the market for used DVDs, Half has one of the biggest selections around.BE SURE to check out the customer ratings of the person selling the DVDs, as they are a good indication of how an order will go.Rather than run a membership program, DVD Overnight permits single disc rentals online.They're run by a very nice family and have the feel of a local video store... • Web: • Email: [email protected] you're looking for an online Adult DVD Superstore look no further than Adult • Web: Deep Discount • Phone: 1.800.264.5076 • Email: [email protected] their prices aren't the lowest (typically only 25% off pre-orders) Amazon does offer the convenience of ordering your DVDs, CDs, Books, and even Garden Tools all in the same order.