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The Mc Fly singer married his girlfriend Giovanna Falcone last May, though waited until this week to post a video of his wedding speech, or should that be wedding song?Yep, you've guessed it, the singer-songwriter who's had seven No.1 singles decided to sing to his bride after claiming he was too nervous to deliver a speech. Time seemed to disappear at the end of last year at an alarming speed.

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I’ve recently opened up about having a miscarriage back in 2012. Deadlines crept up on me a little quicker than expected, and I felt I spent a lot of time playing catch up with myself... With Christmas came the end of VLOGMAS (I made You Tube videos every day in December in the lead up to the big day), then with the New Year came the end of working on page proofs for Happy Mum, Happy Baby (which is published in just 7 weeks! It was difficult to go through as I felt my body had let me down. Because of the book I’ve obviously been looking back a lot to the early days with Buzz. Speaking about their new music to The Sun newspaper, the 29-year-old guitarist, Dougie, said: ''Writing is fun but it's hard.Continue reading: Mc Fly Find Songwriting 'hard'Mc Fly have teased that their new music could be a departure from their previous rock pop sound.I felt like such a failure in my first brush with motherhood. The first time we met where I was taken aback by his sparrow-like tiny frame, crying because he wouldn’t stop crying in his newborn days, my... I’ve been very open about my nerves over HAPPY MUM, HAPPY BABY finally being published. This week an unexpected, yet highly predictable, thing happened. More so than with Buzz, this seems to have really crept up on us. Hours, weeks, months are spent in my office staring at my computer screen, with me either talking to myself or spending far too long pondering the best way to describe an action, or emotion.... When my editor at Hodder asked if I’d like to record the audio book for HAPPY MUM, HAPPY BABY myself, I leapt at the chance. ) my two novellas previously, but this was four times the length and much... I feel like I’m late to the party here as Podcasts have been around for blooming ages, but I’ve recently decided to listen to a few and have become hooked.

It’s been emotional to have something so personal making its way onto book shelves and there for people to read. Obviously he’s been getting bigger, become far more agile and is keeping us on our toes a lot...

Before launching into the track (to the melody of various Mc Fly songs), Tom said, "I don't have any idea how to write a good speech but I do know how to write a song, so I hope this isn't cheating my way out of it too much." The 15-minute ditty began with Fletcher crooning, "Recently I've been, having a wedding, I've married this girl, who's out of this world, believe me." Was it as sickly as it sounds? Nevertheless, Fletcher managed to get through it while entertaining his guests, including best friends Harry Judd, Dougie Poynter and Danny Jones.

He sang, "Thanks to my best men, you are the best friends, that I know I will ever have, you're more like brothers, sometimes lovers but we won't tell them about that.

Charlie Simpson, whose departure for heavier rock in 2005 caused Busted to split, will not feature in Mc Busted but he has wished his former bandmates success.

Continue reading: Meet Mc Busted: The 'Air Hostess' With 'Five Colours In Her Hair' [Tour Dates]Suppress your squeals!

On Instagram Judd wrote: ‘I’m absolutely gutted that we’ve had to postpone the tour.