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Publication: EGU General Assembly 2016, held 17-22 April, 2016 in Vienna Austria,.4024. Publication Date: 04/2016, origin: copernicus, bibliographic Code: 2016eguga.18.4024J, abstract, the Palaeocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum (petm) at 56 Ma is one of the most extreme global warming events in Earth's history.These results indicate that the Fur Formation is of key importance for furthering our understanding of the causes and repercussions of petm.

The petm occurred during an abnormally warm period in Earth history, and was followed by other hyperthermal events later in the Eocene.

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rapid (within 20,000 years) 5-6 C warming that persisted for 170,000 years.

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Reads History, translate This Page, title: Volcano-climate interactions during the petm and U-Pb dating from the Fur Formation, Denmark.

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Buy tickets, aunt Mary, hard Rock Caf - Oslo, Oslo, Norway Karl Johans gate 45 (Universitetsgata). Evidence oslo dating of explosive volcanism is prevalent at Fur, an island in northern Denmark, where over 180 distinct 1 cm thick ash horizons are preserved in a shallow marine succession (numbered from #-39 to #140).

High precision U-Pb dating of magmatic zircons from ash layer #19 conforms to a post-petm depositional age, giving a mean deposition rate of approximately 5 cm kyr-1.

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