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It COULD just be a group of friends hanging out and you HAPPEN to be the single person in that group.No need to invent awkwardness where it isn’t necessary.To soften your potentially uncomfortably sitch, try finding a fair balance of loyalty and trust with both of them.

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The quicker everyone can normalize the three of you spending lots of time together, the better it will be for everyone.Or maybe, two of your close friends just started dating — gasp! Third wheeling is kind of like that thing where it’s only real if you make it real.Better to have all the facts straight and an educated opinion on the matter. AKA, don’t let them ask you to keep secrets from the other person or have them put you in the middle of an argument that you have nothing to do with.You’re there as their friend, not the tie-breaker in an argument about who is right and who is wrong. If they can’t keep their hands off each other in front of you, decide if it’s you or they who should leave the seats and math and stuff.)Plus, they are supposed to be as good of a friend to you as you are to them. you get all the benefits of going on a date (think booze, a reason to dress up, appetizers), plus the additional bonus of being able to split the tab three ways instead of two?

Even if it seems like they are wrapped up in their own drama or worlds, try saying to them, “Hey guys, I know you have xy and z going on, but I need to talk about this right now.”Lucky you, you have double the ears to listen! Also, you get to pick and choose which events and activities you feel like being a part of, whereas they are kind of stuck doing whatever their significant other wants to do.That’s why Pdx Pedicab has partnered with Portland Best Date to create 3rd Wheel Speed Dating by pedicab.What’s better than latching onto your wingman or wing woman for another forgettable night out is trusting in your professional pedicab guide to chauffeur you and your potential hot dates around town to our favorite watering holes for a hilariously fun, fast paced afternoon of getting your flirt on and taking home a few numbers.Loading Ready Run is our flagship sketch comedy series.Launched in 2003 we've produced a new, original short every week without fail.Maybe it’s the kind of situation where your bestie is suddenly bringing her boyfriend everywhere, or your roommate is shacking up in apartment.