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The Times remained in the Walter family for four generations up to 1908, when it was bought by Alfred Harmsworth (later Lord Northcliffe) of the Daily Mail.

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In his opening editorial, John Walter declared that a newspaper "ought to be the register of the times and faithful recorder of every species of intelligence; it ought not to be engrossed by any particular object; but like a well covered table, it should contain something suited to every palate: observations on the dispositions of our own and of foreign courts should be provided for the political reader; debates should be reported for the amusement or information of those who may be particularly fond of them; and a due attention should be paid to the interests of trade, which are so greatly promoted by advertisements".On 1st January 1788, John Walter changed the name of the newspaper to The Times, which is a newspaper title recognised worldwide today as a newspaper of record.Interesting events likely to be covered in an old Times 70th birthday newspaper from this year include: If 1962 is your birth year then it's also shared with Olympic swimmer Sharron Davies and presenter Philip Schofield.Celebrities you can expect to see in a back issue Times 50th Birthday newspaper from 1962 range from rock to film stars: The Times is part of Times Newspapers Limited and is a subsidiary of News International, which is owned by the News Corporation group under Mr Rupert Murdoch (the world media baron).One of the most popular special occasions to purchase an original Times newspaper for is someone's birthday, it makes the perfect commemorative gift and offers a great trip down memory lane.

Recipient's of vintage Times newspapers not only love reading the headlines and front pages from major events the day they were born but also gaining an unrivalled insight into the way things were when they were too young to remember first hand.

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This was largely due to its popularity as a trusted source by both government and education institutions that held past copies for their own records.

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