The perfect dating video

You've decided it's finally time to get back out there and meet someone new.

The most popular way to find a relationship these days is through an online dating service.

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Get in touch with them, you'll be surprised at how much they can help you.

As well as a writing service, an editing service could be of use to you.

However, maybe you've never used one before, or you didn't have a great experience the last time you did so.

It's possible to find your best match online, you just need the right profile.

Let them know if you volunteer with any organisations, or care strongly about any causes.

The more they know about what fires you up, the more they can get to know you.

Nowadays, in hyper-socialization times, there are numerous ways to try and find that ONE.

Let’s consider Tinder, a dating app that supposedly helps you find your next date by showing on your phone photos of people you should consider and you swipe left/right to decide if you like them or not.

Below are 2 official divorce rates for 2 different countries: Which divorce rate do you think is the one for United States and which one for India?

You guessed right, the abysmal one is for US and the incredibly low one is for India. Well, in India a very high percentage of marriages are actually based on matchmaking, meaning those 2 people are introduced by a 3rd party (usually family).

Don't worry about what will or won't bring someone to your profile. Maybe you love nothing more than tinkering with engines during the weekend. It's also important to show the reader what you care about.