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Juan Ricardo Cole is a public intellectual, prominent blogger and essayist, and the Richard P.Mitchell Collegiate Professor of History at the University of Michigan.

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There are rumors in the family of a frontier union with a Native American woman.One Adam Rudolph was written up in the Smithsonian Magazine in the mid-19th century for having killed a large mountain lion that had terrorized farmers.A “Mucklewee” from that region served in the Revolutionary War.Presumably they are Scots-Irish and originally Presbyterians."He was wearing a helmet, so I didn't see his face."Mr Serafino faces a charge of possessing category one narcotics, which carries a maximum penalty of 12 years' jail, or the lesser charge of possessing narcotics for personal use, which carries a maximum sentence of four years' jail.

He testified that he bought hashish every three to six weeks.Cole was born on October 23, 1952, in Albuquerque, New Mexico while his father was stationed at the nearby Sandia Base.The multicultural atmosphere of Albuquerque at that time was such that a boy with a father named “John” was often given the nickname of “Juanito,” both by local Hispanics and by GIs. Cole’s mother admired Cuban-American actor Desi Arnaz and gave Juan the middle name “Ricardo” in reference to Arnaz’s signature television role on the “I love Lucy” serial as “Ricky Ricardo” opposite comedienne Lucille Ball. 1928), is from a small farming town in northern Virginia (the local post office is Zep). 1929), is an electronics engineer from Winchester, Virginia.Both were brought up on farms, both found that life isolated and lonely, and both sought to escape it.His father, who as a teenager chafed at not being able to be part of World War II, joined the army in 1948.An Australian man arrested in Bali for allegedly possessing hashish said he didn't know it was a "such a big crime" to use the drug in Indonesia.