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The now uncouth and aggressive young men of the village are desperate for wives and release their frustration through group screenings of imported pornographic films, cross-dressed dance performances, and even bestiality.

They are shown to be willing to go to the lengths of human trafficking and courtship-driven emigration to procure spouses for themselves.

As women became extinct, the film allowed him to bring to light issues like polyandry, bride buying and rape.

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and was shown at festivals through 2003, including the 2003 Venice Film Festival, where it was presented in the Critic's Week (Parallel Sections) and later awarded the FIPRESCI Award "For it's [sic] important theme on women's issues and female infanticide handled with sensitivity by a first-time director".

this unchecked trend leads to the village being populated solely by males.

As she added, "But I'm glad I took it up finally, even though there was a point when I felt disgusted." The cast included actors from Delhi theatre circuit, Sushant Singh, Aditya Shrivastav, Piyush Mishra and Deepak Bandhu.

As per director, Manish Jha, "I wanted to examine the emotional and psychological impact of a society without women," ... a whole nation without women." The central character Kalki being married to five brothers is analogous to Queen Draupadi being married to the Pandava brothers in Mahabharata.

The project received a green light when its Indian producer Pankej Kharabanda came on board.

Having grown up in Bihar, he said he was aware of the practice of female infanticide and wanted to write a script about a future village if the practise continued.

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The film's French producer Patrick Sobelman asked Jha to produce a script outline on the subject, and he put out a two-page synopsis.