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“There is a direct connection between the virginity institute and early marriages in Georgia,” Sabedashvili said.

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“The young couples often discover that this is not one and the same.” Recent data suggest that young unions are in decline, but still popular.

In the past two years, the median age for first marriages has grown older in Georgia -- 26.8 years old for men and 25.1 years old for women, according to the Georgian National Statistics Service.

Men and women “dadian” (“walk together regularly”) or “khvdebian” (“meet’). Most Georgians live with their parents before marriage and romantic visits are not tolerated at home.

“There is often a difference between someone you are really attracted to and someone you want to grow old with,” said Javakhishvili.

Georgian women may shrug their shoulders and laugh about “the virginity institute,” but many still willingly play by its rules.

“This may look silly to somebody in the West, but people make choices in life according to their cultures,” said 18-year-old student Nutsa Avaliani.With our selection, you can find one of our Georgian brides who are beautiful and perfect, inside and out.She might be the most gorgeous woman you ever might attempt to approach, but one of our Georgian brides can go home with you, no matter what you look like or how shy you might be.“I really want to get married and have kids very soon, and I think that is what every woman wants,” she said.The “institute” and resulting early unions are associated with one growing problem -- divorce.Critics -- who often resort to social networking or dating websites to try to hook up with “Natashas” from the North --reject the “institute” as a legacy of a pre-modern mindset.