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It has also been investigating the ownership of Talco Management of British Virgin Islands (BVI) by Tajikistan Aluminium Company of Tajikistan, and the ownership of the latter by the Tajik Government.

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They say they recently received an exemption from reporting publicly as Rahmon’s foreign agents after the US Department of Justice reviewed their year-long contract for a British Virgin Islands-registered company Rahmon controls.

According to a January 30 filing signed by Fabiani to the Foreign Agents Registration unit of the Justice Department in Washington, his fifteen-month old contract to represent the Tajikistan Aluminium Company (Talco) had been “terminated”.

By John Helmer, Moscow Not every despotic and corrupt ruler of a former Soviet state is the target of US Government plots to overthrow him, not even those whose taste in interior decoration and jewellery is as awful as Victor Yanukovich’s, the ex-president of Ukraine.

Emomali Rahmon (image), the president of Tajikistan since 1992, has been the target of corruption allegations by the US Government in the past.

In fact, on January 10, twenty days earlier, Botting had said “the relationship is ongoing”.

Though the December filing was overdue, Botting said then, “I would anticipate renewing the contract”.

But for the time being he is protecting himself with a Washington lobbying campaign costing at least 0,000 per month.

For his exterior decorator Rahmon has hired James Fabiani, a former congressional staffer turned public relations agent.

The original Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) was introduced in 1938 to allow the US Government to prosecute Nazis and Communists if they couldn’t be caught at espionage, but tried to conceal their propaganda activities.

In 1966 the statute was amended to cover and require reporting by those who promote the interests, not only of foreign governments, but also of foreign enterprises closely connected to a foreign government.

On December 11, 2013, the State Department said it was “pleased to commit million in financing towards the Central Asia-South Asia [CASA] electricity transmission project (CASA-1000). financial support for CASA-1000 will help leverage other donors to support the project and encourage the World Bank to present the project to its Board of Directors for final approval next year.