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Keep reading to find out why guys are determined to go the distance in bed and what's up with their competitive attitude with their friends... Okay, okay, but what about his other weird habits..deciding he wants to grow a beard all of a sudden? So resisting the razor may be a last-ditch effort to try to reconnect with their inner rebel.

"Also, facial hair is one of the few fashion statements men can get away with without being mocked," says Baber. assume every guy who's not one of his oldest friends is a loser?

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Now, getting complimented on my apartment rings just as impressive as getting complimented on my hair.

This type of behavior used to be atypical for me, but living on my own and paying for all my own stuff has made me appreciate keeping them clean and organized. So what if I have to buy a new pair of shoes to match my ensemble a week from Monday?

I usually wear them, wash them, and then buy new ones to replace those now destroyed pairs. Follow Marie Claire on Instagram for the latest celeb news, pretty pics, funny stuff, and an insider POV.

How does everyone but me seem to know how to maintain lacy underthings without a hitch?

It goes back to caveman-clan mentality, says Fisher.

Guys don't want to let anyone they perceive as the enemy into their inner circle.There may be shopping for new, more stylish clothes or dressing in an attempt to look younger. Maybe even wearing cologne that is out of character for him/her.If your spouse becomes as conscious of their looks as they were when you two were first dating, this is a sign, something is up. Is he/she now suddenly concerned with dropping the weight and shaping up? If your spouse is cheating and learning new sexual tricks he/she may want to try them out in bed with you.They will also start an argument as an excuse to leave the house. Not only will the cheater’s behavior change but so will that of any friends who know and are covering for him/her.What better excuse to get away and spend time with the other man/other woman than an argument? Pay close attention to how his/her friends are behaving around you. There's nothing like getting groovy to female-empowering lyrics on a Sunday afternoon. Not to mention it allows for perhaps obsolete but lovely practices like reading the *gasp* newspaper (even if I'm just doing the crossword).10.