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Inequality is more apparent in the tropical countries as Sri Lanka, more than the Western countries that are snow bound where Nature has designed the basics for mankind.

In the snow bound countries tenements as ours are not possible to survive winter, without heating.

Further the landless were given a few acres of paddy land, a couple of acres of highland with a house built and a Co-operative system to make their purchases to be paid back from their harvest, in the vast extents of Colonies opened in the entire NCP, where tens of thousands of family units were settled.These were the Poverty alleviation schemes adopted then, without any song and dance, as done today for Janasaviya, Samurdhi or Divinaguma.So the rot, started to set in this country with the onset of SWRD Bandaranayake giving leadership to the destructive, corrupt and the murderous.Education was switched to the vernacular with the promise to do so in just 24 hours.This was at a time, when the Port workers were provided individual housing down Bloemendhal Road, which are still in existence and a subsidised lunch.

Yet they crippled the Port and continued with strikes in every govt.

First an efficient Bureaucracy was replaced with a mediocrity, qualified in Swabasha.

Capitalism was a dirty word that only suited the Rapacious West.

The Buddhist Priests then were held in high esteem in society, unlike the Humbugs of today seen being baton charged and beaten at demonstrations by the very same State powers who Christened them, running for life with umbrellas and their robes tucked.

Today Buddhist Priests are accused of Rape, Molestations, Thuggery, Armed robbery and even Murder.

, it was observed that some were under the misconception that since there was inequality in society, there was no paradise for the majority as alleged, in this country.