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Sophia and and her friend Ashlee created columns of chatter when they were on MKR with their witty but bitchy asides about the other contestants and their cooking. However her being cast on Dancing has just made it interesting and confirms they are trying to aim it for a younger audience.Sophie will be partnered with Rachael Finch’s husband Michael Mitzner.The queens of Asian cuisine were eliminated from the reality cooking tolast night after a drama-filled cook off against Queensland's Dan and Steph and Victoria's Sam and Chris in which Pou declared Kitchen HQ would have to "burn down" for them to lose.

Sophia is not really a “star” so I don’t know why she was chosen.

People like Tina Arena must be hard up for money to go on this show.

They competed in another instant restaurant round with the three gatecrasher teams.

These gatecrasher teams were introduced after the last instant restaurant of the second group.

In the teaser for the episode, 2013's controversial cook Sophia Pou is seen talking about some of the dishes, with her level of criticism for contestants - it even shocks 2015's series 'villain' Ash Pollard.

GOING on a reality TV show can bring you fame, but not always the kind you want as My Kitchen Rules "villains" Ashlee Pham and Sophia Pou have discovered.

One bad move can determine the outcome." Nicknamed the "dragon ladies" by their fellow contestants for their competitive nature, Pou and Pham were initially surprised by the negative backlash they received as gatecrashers during the instant restaurant rounds. They don't realise it's a TV show at the end of the day. "I have always said if it wasn't Ash and I taking out that check the I want it to be Dan and Steph," Pou said. They're really intelligent people who can think for themselves. we had so many laughs with those two." But the dragon ladies still have one more chance to get back into the finals.

"In the beginning it was hard not to (look at social media), and it was so negative," Pou said. Sunday's final Comeback Kitchen cook off will see Pou and Pham compete against their old rivals Angela and Melina and Tasmania's Mick and Matt. "We were in the process of mourning our exit from the competition.

— The 'Comeback Kitchen' rounds were separate challenges from the main competition and occurred alongside the main stream.

Only eliminated teams between the Top 12 and Top 6 (except Josh and Andi due to personal reasons) participated in the Comeback Kitchen.

This format repeated for the following two comeback kitchens, with newly eliminated teams from the Top 7 and Top 6 sent directly to the challenge after leaving headquarters.