radiation used carbon dating Sixth month anniversary dating

Create a scrapbook or photo book that sums up your first six months together.

Include photos from memorable dates, your first vacation together or your first holiday as a couple.

Write a poem, update your Facebook status, tweet your heart out, or pin your love on Pinterest to wish your partner a happy first anniversary in a way that he/she never forgets.

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Your girlfriend will be impressed that you saved mementos from your relationship, and she'll love looking back on six months of memories.We use cookies to personalize content and ads to provide social functions and analyze traffic on our site.You can include items like a ticket stub from the first movie you saw together or a dried flower from the first bouquet you got her.At the end of the book, include some photos of events or moments you're looking forward to as a couple.Did you know that a couple's first anniversary is their "paper anniversary"?

Presumably that is because they are still paying off the wedding at the one-year mark (THOSE SHERLOCK INVITATIONS DON'T PAY FOR THEMSELVES).

If you went to a movie, grab the movie on DVD and settle for a night in together.

Recreating your first date will allow you to laugh off the awkwardness of your first night out together and show just how far you've come as a couple.

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Choosing a gift for your date can be a little bit challenging.

You can take help from some ideas for dating anniversary presents that are mentioned here.