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Karma Art's new EP arrives where the last couple of tracks of ' Zebra' started to develop itself into - tracks that are almost a little reserved but gently unfolding its compactness and refinement within the number of listenings.

Within every minute of the 5-Track-Instrumental-EP - starting with ' If I had a mouth', transforming into ' Lime', floating into the consciousness of ' Sixty Cycle Hum', leading to ' Abra' and finally finishing it of with ' Wealthy' - every sound is ripping itself apart and is assembeling itself again into a new level of motion.

Most of the severely discounted early bird specials have already been swooped up, but you can still pick up a Speed X Leopard with a Kickstarter-special price tag.

For the bike alone, that price is competitive, but it also includes the computer system for no extra charge, a system comparable to the Garmin Edge 1000 combined with a Strava Premium subscription, according to .

There are certain things we can do with muscular quads…luckily if we ride, we have the chance to find this out! A little uphill action on the ol’ bicycle and well, we got this one…

There are not many things that get us more excited than when our hearts are pumping wildly, and we are slightly out of breath. We arrive to work—heart racing and cheeks flushed—and damn, I have to say, we feel pretty sultry.

It is something we become a little of an expert on and a subject that many possible mates will want to talk about and will be thoroughly impressed when we know the gears.

Most importantly, when we feel confident and proud of our mode of transport, we directly raise our arousal meter.

The vaginal tightening cream furore follows an earlier one in April, which came about after the A feminine hygiene product launched in India which promises to 'brighten' skin around the vagina is causing widespread controversy.

The product also attracted condemnation on Twitter and blogging sites, with one (male) user branding it 'the ultimate insult', and others bemoaning the extent of discrimination against darker skin tones.

It’s also got a lifetime frame warranty and a seven day “no questions asked”return policy, which is pretty cool for a Kickstarter deal.

There’s also a more souped-up version, the Speed X Leopard Pro, which swaps out the more basic Shimano 105 groupset for the Shimano Ultegra Di2, and swaps the standard handlebar and wheels for carbon fiber versions.

There is nothing sexier then someone who is really passionate about what they do.