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He was so gullible that he gave her US,000 (7,000). "She started saying 'if you don't pay now I will tell your wife and family.

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They all knew I was a journalist but only some knew I was writing a feature.

Through them I also met some women dabbling in online affairs. TOO TIRED TO MAKE AN EFFORT Bryce has three children under 5 and says he uses the website as his partner is often too tired or busy for intimacy.

"We have been together for nearly 30 years so are friends more than anything else," he says.

The first time he met up with a woman, she was in town for work but he was nervous so didn't enjoy the sex as much as he had hoped.

Bryce works in the IT industry and doesn't have set office hours, which allows him to conceal his affairs by claiming he is at meetings or having drinks with clients.

He lives in Christchurch and travels to other cities for work so hotel rooms aren't hard to come by.

While the world of apps at large might be entering into toddlerhood, dating apps are still infants in a lot of ways, battling browser-based originals including e Harmony,, and more obviously for the millennial set, Ok Cupid.

Grinder and Tinder both made it big, but — especially in the latter case — it seems like only a matter of months before the My Space curse sets in and relevancy is bullied out by mockery.

And, Mixxxer, a new app based solely on sex, is vying to take that spot. There’s definitely a gap in the market and we’re trying to fill that gap as best we can. Where another platform's call to action is "find someone," on Mixxxer it's "get laid." Users here are invited to share explicit selfies, belfies, what-have-you, and The Daily Beast reports that more than 100,000 users have signed up in eight weeks' time.

We looked at some of the bigger guys like Adult Friend Finder and saw they were having trouble staying relevant in this new mobile landscape, they are kind of big and bulky."Tinder's easy swipe feature seems in some way geared towards casual dating — if not outright casual sex — but Mixxxer minces no words. It's early yet, but certainly one of the hurdles for the platform's future growth will be ensuring privacy on those nudes.

"I think men are getting blackmailed more than women as they have bigger egos and talk about their financial situation to just about anyone. I deal with barristers, judges, surgeons, pilots, CEOs.