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We sought to document the prevalence of positive and negative PTC and examine their unique and joint associations with psychosocial adjustment.

Early interventions such as trauma-focused cognitive-behavioral therapy that target stigmatization may be important for preventing the development of sexual difficulties in CSA youth.

ABSTRACT: Research has demonstrated the utility of emotion-modulated startle paradigms in assessing emotional regulation and processing.

A sample of 85 incarcerated female offenders with or without a history of childhood neglect completed a task assessing affective modulation of the startle reflex by picture valence (positive, neutral, negative).

Compared to non-neglected women, neglected women showed a significantly larger startle response during pleasant image trials, and did not show the typical linear effect (i.e., negative startle response ABSTRACT: This study examines the relationships between cumulative victimization that began during childhood (witnessing intimate partner violence [IPV], physical abuse by a caregiver, and sexual victimization), adolescent IPV victimization, homelessness, and depression symptoms within a sample of 206 urban adolescent mothers.

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Six years after discovery, youth were interviewed about their abuse experiences.

Interviews were coded for the valence and strength of PTC.

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