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When your breasts are touched you often feel it in your vagina, which gets moist. Usually it’s not so easy to have a simultaneous orgasm.It can be particularly nice if your breasts and vulva are touched at the same time. When you come, you’re usually thinking about yourself and not your partner.

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Your mouth also becomes more sensitive, and your lips look redder because there’s more blood flowing to them. A few tips: Women can have more than one orgasm in a row, not long after each other.This is because the clitoris returns to its normal size within 15 seconds of having an orgasm, and then it’s ready for stimulation again. Some women squirt out liquid when they have an orgasm. Kunyaza, a traditional sexual technique from Central Africa, can make women experience incredible squirting orgasms.Many women like having their breasts and nipples touched during lovemaking.Your partner can use fingers, lips, tongue, or even teeth.When a woman has an orgasm, the pelvic floor muscles squeeze together rhythmically, tensing and relaxing. This all gives an intensely pleasurable feeling in the pubic area, and some women feel it right through their bodies.

When you’re sexually aroused, or turned on, your vagina becomes wet.

Breasts, especially the nipples, are sensitive to the touch and can grow harder and larger when you’re aroused.

The areola - the area around the nipple - swells up and becomes slightly darker, and the skin goes bumpy.

Khud ko sharif batati hai awara main bhi nahin matlab bhari is duniya mein besahara main bhi nahin pyaar ke is mod pe aake kehti hai ke shadi shuda hoon toh sun e khudgar Umar raftar se guzar jaye to acha hota wakt ek bar thehar jaye to acha hota mera dil yu bhi tere kadmo me bikhar gaya hain tutke tu ise jodke jata to acha hota Fareb tha hasi may aashiqi samajh baithe, Maut ko hee apni zindagi samajh baithe, Waqt ka mazak tha ya badnaseebi hamari, Uski do baaton ko chaahat samajh baite. Jhuki jhuki palkein hain, chehere pe kitna noor hai, zaalim ki saadgi mein bhi, dekho yaaron kitna guroor hai.

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