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The most personal attacks are coming from a Stanly County political action committee formed last year called Citizens for Better Representation.

The PAC has a Facebook page that features an altered image of Burr wearing a crown.

Burr said in an interview Friday that Mc Guire Woods lobbyist Sarah Wolfe is his girlfriend. It’s sad they can’t talk about issues.”Last year, the State Ethics Commission ruled that sex between lobbyists and government officials doesn’t constitute a “thing of value” that would violate a ban on gifts from lobbyists.“Consensual sexual relationships do not have monetary value,” the commission said in its ruling.

In 2012, however, then-Speaker Thom Tillis asked a staff member to resign because the staffer was dating a lobbyist.Together we look at where these patterns originated and untangle the past from the present.The client becomes less driven by automatic reactions and is freer to choose how they will respond.And the page accuses him of “selling votes for money and sex” because he’s dating a lobbyist with Mc Guire Woods Consulting. Burr said the romantic relationship isn’t a conflict of interest, because Wolfe’s clients are “not groups that really have a lot of business before the legislature.” And he disputes the PAC’s claim that his campaign is paying rent to Wolfe for a Raleigh apartment; Burr says he pays rent to an Oberlin Road apartment complex and splits the cost with his roommate, political consultant Zack Almond.“They’ve done nothing but try to drag me into the mud,” Burr said, noting that the PAC has said it used a private investigator to confirm his relationship with Wolfe.The group also bases its claim on a ,000 campaign contribution that Burr received from former UNC Board of Governors Chairman John Fennebresque, who’s an attorney with the national company’s affiliated law firm. secretary of state filings, represents 10 groups at the legislature, including AAA of the Carolinas, Charter Schools USA and the N. “They basically tried to stalk me and smear my name.Burr says the relationship isn’t a conflict of interest Several other groups sent mailers against Burr after he clashed with House Speaker Tim Moore Burr: ‘They basically tried to stalk me and smear my name’ Republican state Rep.