Sex date jakarta

About half of the girls I met in Jakarta were off Tinder, the other half were off Cupid.Quality was the same in both places, maybe saw some hotter girls on Tinder but the elite ones never swiped right for me :(.Overall girls here are less flaky then Pinays and while they are often late it is more because of the traffic and that they see no problem ordering a car during rush hour and sitting in it for 2 hours when a motorbike would get them here in 30 minutes.

I stand up and pour myself a glass of water, take a drink, and then walk up behind her. OK a terrible opening, I have to go in front of her and awkwardly bend over out of the blue and do it…… As I kiss her neck she starts in on the Forex stuff again.I try to kiss her lips and she says she is shy so I go turn off the lights and say no reason to be shy in the dark.I signed some piece of paper (with a fake name obv) so that they could show their boss they had a potential new client.I continued to invite the smoking hot one over even though I knew she was only interested in one thing and it wasn’t my movie date.Over the years I’ve run into about 10 of these girls.

Some at least tell you before the meet that they want to talk business, others are sneakier and make you waste time to meet them under false pretenses.

She is still one of the hottest textbacks I have ever got.

We texted some, not a ton, but she declined my ‘come over to watch a movie’ date.

The dating sites are a much more efficient way to go about things.

I don’t know if it is just that Filipinas are more chatty and that’s why Tinder is so much worse there, but in Jakarta Tinder is great.

She sits on the chair at the desk about 5 feet away. She speaks very little English and we have one of those awful first meet conversations where the girl asks the same where are you from do you have any brothers or sisters questions super slowly.