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Let me guess you wear shoes when you have sex.”“There is no better feeling in the world than surfing.Once you start standing up on the surfboard…it’s the best feeling in the world…better than sex.

Mere pas aao Divya: ok bhaiya Amit: Ab mujhe pakado Divya: hmmmm ok bhaiya Amit: Apane hoto ko dire se mere hoto se chuo Divya: mmmh Amit: Me tumhe jor se pakad leta hu Divya: mmmhh bhaiya Amit: Dire dire tumhare hoto ko chusata hu Muwaahnhmhmh Tum bi kro Divya: mmmhhhh mmuuwaah bhaiya ye kya kar rahe ho? thanks bhaiya Amit: Jus training sis Divya: hmmmm Amit: Bed me let ja Divya: ok bhaiya Amit: Aur mera shirt utar de Divya: ok.Amit: Me tumhe jor se pakad k tumhare shirt me hath dal deta hu Divya: aaahh bhaiya dheeree Amit: Tumhe training de raha hu sis Amit: Maza aa raha hai na Divya: bohot Amit: Muwaahmuwaahahaha muwaaah Divya: bhaiya Amit: your bra size sis Divya: press hard 32 c call me Shradha Amit: Me tera t shirt utar raha hu ok Wow Shradha you have sexy boobs han Divya: mmmhhh. Amit: Ab me tere pet me kis kr raha hu Divya: aaaahh bhaiya.I’m talking about talking sexually to women you just met or know and want to get with. Are they looking for sex that’s why they want to feel sexy?They should only want to feel sexy when they’re having sex…but they don’t wear sexy shoes when they have sex.It’s like having a 10 seconds orgasm when riding the waves for 10 seconds.

Sex on the other hand is more a workout…surfing on the other hand is pure a adrenaline joy-ride.

Amit: you’re also my sister now my age is 25 Divya: great what is the name of your sister.

Amit: Shradha Divya: do you feel anything for your sis Amit: Ya sum time tell me about you Divya: how much would you rate yourself and your sis out of 10 look wise Amit: 8 n 9 Divya: okay consider me your little sis teach me things I don’t know Amit: Ok you ask sis Divya: ok bhaiya consider me your real sis and relate me with the real incidence of your life with your sister ok Amit: ok Koi ladaka tumhe pasand hai sis clg me? sab ladke gande hote hain Amit: Mujhe batao Aisa kyu sochati ho tum Divya: wo ladkio ko pareshan karte hain na bhaiya Amit: Kya me bi ganda hu?

If any words of our inappropriateness got out, we could put our job on jeopardy. If we just have a friendly conversation with another girl, they would accuse us of scandal.

I mean you hear about these politicians all the time, and everything they do is considered scandalous because they all a certain expectation and standard to withhold and live up to.

I mean look at Tiger Wood…if that were Tommy Lee, it would be ok and perfectly normal.