Sevgilim skilr

Their seventh album "Masumiyetin Ziyan Olmaz" ("Your Innocence Won't Go To Waste") came out on .

The album became their most popular album in Turkey, reaching 250.000 sales.Since their previous work was not as well known, many new fans were not aware that they weren't a new band.In 2008, the band represented Turkey in the Eurovision Song Contest in Belgrade with the song "Deli" (Insane).Mor ve Ötesi was formed in 1995 with the line-up of Kerem Kabadayı (drums), Harun Tekin (vocals & guitar), Derin Esmer (vocals & guitar) and Alper Tekin (bass), who were then students at the Deutsche Schule Istanbul.This is an album mainly dealing with the political problems of Turkey and the personal problems of the group members, including loss of family members and their relationships.

It has a darker sound compared to their previous albums.

They released their first album Şehir ("The City") in September 1996 and played their first live concert in Ankara.

That year, Burak Güven replaced Alper Tekin on bass.

The only Turkish photo story in this issue, it was featured together with a collection of Italian ones, all of which were translated into Turkish.

The photo-novel format originated in Italy after the Second World War and many magazines around the world went on and adopted it.

During the contest, BBC commentator Terry Wogan described the lead singer as "a sinister James Bond".