Seven biblical truths violated by christian dating

The original writings, which collectively came to be called the “Bible,” have faded into oblivion.Not a single one of those original autographs remains—and doubtless for good reason.Men, had they access to those ancient scrolls, would likely worship them rather than their author.

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Though there is no mention of a synagogue in Lystra, Timothy’s hometown (Acts 16:1), there was one in Iconium (Acts 14:1), some twenty-one miles away. Obviously, however, those ancient synagogues possessed only copies of the original Old Testament autographs.

The integrity of those narratives was so preserved, though, that Paul could affirm that their original design remained in tact, that is, making men wise unto salvation.

Yes we can, and the process by which Jehovah protected the integrity of his word is called “inspiration.” Paul reminded Timothy that “every scripture is inspired of God” (2 Timothy ).

The expression “inspired of God” (literally in the Greek Testament, “God-breathed”) suggests that the divine author of the sacred writings breathed into the minds of his select penmen the exact message he wanted conveyed to mankind.

Does that suggest, though, that the copies we now possess are not reliable as depositories of divine truth? Sacred oversight has seen to it that the Scriptures have been remarkably and accurately preserved—and the biblical record bears testimony to this.

For instance, Paul states that Timothy, from his earliest years, had known the sacred writings which were able to make the young man wise unto salvation (2 Timothy ).

It is, of course, true that Jehovah employed men in conveying his word to the human family (some forty persons were used in writing the Scriptures), nevertheless, the ultimate source of the divine document is Almighty God himself, and the Bible simply cannot be explained upon any other basis!

But suppose it is conceded that the biblical message is ultimately from the Lord—can we be sure that the writers who penned the original manuscripts did so infallibly?

In this article we call attention to several great truths regarding the Bible which are vitally important.

As to its origin, the Bible is ultimately from God.

Since most people do not read their Bibles in the original languages, they are dependent upon a translation.