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As long as my body stays healthy, I want to progress and do some more races.

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I know that you don’t have to consume that many more calories but with exercise and a baby, I did find myself having a nightly snack of a bowl of cereal.

Yesterday's Xtraining session in prep for #hills this AM.

When she bent over to pick up her daughter, her back would sometimes spasm.

“As a runner, I thought ‘Oh maybe this will just go away.‘” Brown said.

We do things like this occasionally to prepare for those UNusual moments.

If you have a coach or workout partner, have them test you from time to time with little things.I was on the Elliptigo for about 90 minutes a day or sometimes even two hours. Let me be clear though, there's nothing "random" about it. However, I never quite know what I'm going to get with one of these sessions.When I was able to do running, I kept it closer to 90 minutes. Sometimes I think he does it just to test my #mentalstrength ... 😜 Today's session called for: 2mi warm-up 2mi Track Tempo .5mi jog to "the hill" 6x250m hill loops .5mi jog back to the track 4x400 2mi cool down The first twist in the day came before the #workout even started.She had compression fractures in her thoracic spine and one in her sacral The doctor said that if she was feeling good, she could start working every third day.She did as much as she could and consulted every workout with her husband and coach, Darren.Unknown intervals, misplaced water bottle (if it's not too hot!