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Feminine, fragile, classic with a hint of Sabrina lol 🙂 Unfortunately delivery is only in Denmark sorry ;( So All my danish chica’s enjoy! 😀 sparkle and bling your way to a sunny mood, cos its kinda cold right now in Denmark, but at-least I have some nice jewelry for you to wear, hopefully that will cheer you up.

Our culture has a double standard that runs so deep, many women have actually built up an automatic defense—attempting to be a step ahead of potential critics by making sure we have “real” reasons for anything we say or do.

Often it’s men propelling these acts of sexism, but women discount one another too: Think about how many times you’ve heard a woman say about another woman, “Oh, she’s just doing that for attention.” Our society tells women we can’t be, say, sexy opinionated about politics. Instead our society asks us to declare and defend our motivations, which makes us second-guess them, all while men do what they please without question.

Meanwhile, when Madonna, who is 58 and a revolutionary in that same kind of artistic sexuality, wears a sheer dress to the Met Gala, critics call her “a hot mess” who’s “desperate.” But isn’t she just making one of her signature political statements about female sexuality (and, incidentally, about our ageist, sexist culture too)?

In any case, they are both performers who undoubtedly like attention. Many young girls I know have fake hair, fake lips, cheek implants, botox and a small fake nose.

Look at pop culture: Mick Jagger is 73, and he still sometimes wears his shirt open and gyrates onstage.

We understand that this is a part of his performance and artistic brand.After my shake I will eat a banan and then go for my fasted cardio rutine, which means my little morning run without a real breakfast.I will burn pure fat IF I keep my pace at a jogging level, if you start sprinting you will start burning muscles because you didn’t eat a solid breakfast, so I wouldn’t recommend that.She has flaws a crooked mouth and a larger nose and chin, if you see it as a flaw. If you are proud of your flaws it can be the most beautiful, unique and sexy part of you.Try to be comfortable in your own skin, before you begin the search for perfection. I don’t think so – and too much plastic surgery will erase your own uniqueness. Go check out all the different designs click There are 15 pages of jewelry to look at, all with the 40 % discount, so remember to turn the page if you don’t like the selection on the first few pages, there is so much awesome stuff. By the way the discount will end on Monday 15/8 – so don’t wait too long.But I miss the days of different beauties and unique faces, it seems like beauty has a specific look these days.