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In addition to being footloose and fancy free for summer, Li Lo will be able to spend her 25th birthday – on July 5 – out in the world! And not to be outdone, future “Superman” star Henry Cavill is showing off his brawn (and oiled up body!

) in a new trailer for “Immortals” Check it out, HERE!

At several moments the film goes down some more dramatic side streets that feel natural because the characters have just enough depth for us to care.

Bateman takes advantage, transforming himself with a terrific number of quirks, which he's done so well in his career.

On a number of occasions, however, the way you'd expect a character to behave and how they actually behave don't match up, which definitely hurts the ability to get caught up in the story, but there's a logic to the sequence of events and as such, natural jokes evolve that counteract the bad ones to some extent.

When "The Change-Up" isn't forcing in Farrelly brothers-inspired gross-out humor, it's a decent comedy.

For one, the writing from a non-jokes standpoint has surprising strength.

To name an R-rated buddy version of this formula "The Change-Up" is essentially serving up a thick slice of irony, yet somehow "The Hangover" writers Jon Lucas and Scott Moore and "Wedding Crashers" director David Dobkin manage to change just enough to prevent predictability from drowning their film entirely. Jason Bateman's character Dave wakes up bright and early thanks to his newborn twins, one of which projectile poos all over his face.

Gross-out humor might be one of the worst ways to start a modern comedy, but somehow "The Change-Up" manages to recover thanks to a strong cast and writing that works when it's not trying too hard to be funny.

According to the mag, Olivia and Ryan left the club separately.

This begs the questions, should it be Ryan or Jake for the actress? : Questions continue to swirl about Pippa Middleton’s love life!

“Lindsay will have the ankle bracelet taken off sometime today.

Lindsay is relieved to put this behind her,” a source told Radar Online. : The first trailer for “Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol” has been released, which pleasantly surprised us and has us looking forward to another Ethan Hunt romp!

Calif., reportedly getting cozy with the “Green Lantern” star.