Relationship advice dating cop michael phelps dating nicole johnson

you work what your told to work, and you deal with it. Be worry free- you chose him, and chose to be with him.

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Some forums can only be seen by registered members. Always had to sit facing the door, with his back to the wall, in a restaurant.

They get an adrenaline rush on the job quite often of the type that most people may only get a couple of times in their lifetime. In the end, understanding is the biggest thing that officers are looking for from the spouses for family activities that would get cancelled at the last minute. No one outside of law enforcement will EVER EVER understand our job, our passion, or our sacrifice. They may have some sympathy, they may be huge one truly understands, and myself and everyone here with that pretty little shiny thing understands it all to well. There are likely a lot of officers on here, myself included, that have been "shot at " OR in the fight of their lives, stabbed, vehicle wreck from a pursuit or call, or the like. Just last year alone I was hospitalized a total of the three times for work related injuries...

.because of contempt of court charges, they could be put in the same jail that they are lodging the rest of the bad guys into. There is the knowledge of helping people out of a situation that could have killed that person or ruined their life. .usually only of a mental state of mind that people could not understand unless they have been in a similar situation. "Loving him with all of your heart" is a strong statement. right up until we stood before a judge after a long miserable marriage and a LONG LONG LONG separation.

Also, some cops are arrogant and full of themselves, and that would be my second concern. The next night, Wednesday, I went to happy hour at a bar that I had told him about. He texted me while on the date and said "the operation was cancelled".

Hang around them long enough, and hear the stories they tell about the things they see, and you may just start to lose your faith in humanity, yourself. I didn't watch the entire movie so don't remember much of it.

Kelly, I will be nice this time around, although similar questions like this have been asked before both here, and in my actual life.

But the understanding when the officer has to work overtime or can't or won't talk about the things that they had to do that day, would go a long way towards the relationship.

After you create your account, you'll be able to customize options and access all our 15,000 new posts/day with fewer ads. Everyone looked like a criminal or a fugitive or a potential gang member. Hang around them long enough, and hear the stories they tell about the things they see, and you may just start to lose your faith in humanity, yourself.

FYI, my aunt is a corrections officer, and has been married to the same person without any issues ever since she started the job. He needed to know everything about everywhere I was going and everyone I was meeting or talking to, which was difficult because at that time I traveled a lot to conferences and for family obligations.

so I worked for him, and we swapped at a later day.