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Immersing your students in the target language helps them use it more independently and this can lead to increased confidence and better vocabulary.

Students enjoy listening to ‘real people’ speaking the target language, so get your colleagues involved.

If they already speak to a high level, it shows the communicative value of language skills.

If a teacher with some knowledge of the target language comes into your classroom, involve them in the immersive experience.If they are struggling, the students can help them improve their language skills.Use the target language in lessons The more you expose your students to the target language, the better.Occasionally, speaking English may be necessary, but a lot of the time, it is not.Do your students have a particular way of remembering certain grammar rules?

Include games, activities and video clips that use the grammar points you are teaching.When I was a language assistant in Canada, I discovered that rewards and prizes were very effective motivators, so I brought pens and stickers from home.I also used photos and props to teach my students about life in the UK and had reward and progress charts on my classroom walls.How can teachers bring modern languages to life in the classroom?Davinia Hardwick, formerly a British Council English language assistant and now Head of French at a UK school, gives us her tips.They encouraged me to learn to snowboard and skate, which provided an opportunity for cultural, as well as linguistic, exchange.