Problem udating local settings facebook news feed not updating

You can also download and install updates directly from the Adobe website.If you are using a subscription version of CS6 or the Creative Cloud (CC), updates are installed through the Creative Cloud desktop app.

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By default, these settings allow for uploads in "png", "gif", and "jpeg/jpg" formats.If you would like to allow additional formats, add the Note: Any website that accepts content from users is adopting a certain level of risk!I usually create the directory C:\Temp and set it in the environment variables "TEMP" and "TMP" for both the system and the user.That way, it's much easier to survey the accumulated junk.(Locked files are still being used by application for storing user data).

The easiest way will be using CCleaner a freeware to do it for you. There would be few files which are in use by Windows, and you'd error out while trying to delete them.

Applications use the TEMP for storing temporary data, data that will be needed for the specific user session & installers use it to extract the data from the compressed installation files.

You can safely delete any files that are not locked.

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