Pre dating checks illegal

This article discusses general laws about checks, post-dating, and the parties’ rights.

Personal checks (and other “negotiable instruments”) are covered by provisions of the Uniform Commercial Code (“UCC”), a set of model laws first developed in 1952 by some of the top legal scholars in the U. The drafters of the UCC intended to create a single body of regulation to uniformly cover commercial transactions, particularly interstate transactions.

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You or your employee should ask the writer if that information is correct and current.If there are differences between the information on the check and any ID that you asked for, you should ask for an explanation before you accept the check.This does not prohibit you from requesting a credit card number and expiration date in lieu of a deposit to secure payment in the event of default, loss, damage or similar occurrence.What are the Penalties for Passing a Worthless Check?This office handles worthless checks received in Polk, Highlands, and Hardee counties ONLY!

Do not contact us if this is not the correct jurisdiction. The Office of the State Attorney, 10th Judicial Circuit, prosecutes Worthless Checks and offers a Diversion Program for Worthless Check Offenders that can avoid resolution through the court system.Sentences may also include probation, payment of supervision costs(probationary fees),payment of restitution, merchant fees(based on the value of the check), community service work, and court costs.Most first offenders are allowed the take advantage of the Worthless Check Diversion Program through the State Attorney's Office.However, treble damages, meaning three times the amount of the check, may be awarded to you by the Court after a trial; this is not an option available to the Court in criminal prosecution.Please be advised that Florida has a broad Public Records law and all e-mail correspondence to this office or anyone employed here may be subject to disclosure.For more information, or questions, contact the State Attorney's Office at (863)534-4800 and ask for the Worthless Check Division.