Php script for updating tvshow files version 3 dating service quesnel bc

That way, it will only refresh the "New Movies" section.I'm getting "notifyplex: NOTIFYPLEX: Skipping Plex Update because download failed" even though the download was successful.

I wish I could further debug why it gives that error message but don't know how I can as I didn't compile my version of nzbget with the debug-mode option.

It may or may not be relevant but I've only seen it give that error message with my 'tv' category.

Is this an error on my end or is this script no longer working with the latest plex pass and nzbget versions? Also, if you can check the code below and see if this matches your version of Notify Plex?

Maybe the latest version on dropbox is different https:// ... dl=0I'm currently running nzbget 17.1-testing-r1756 and plex version (the latest of each).

This way, you can specify "New Movies" and only that section will be refreshed.

In the meantime, if you want to keep it automatic and separate TV and and Movie scans, you can keep 'title' in the code and just change the value to "New Movies" instead of "Movies".Kodi has functions to fully manage its database files.Some advanced operations can be performed by editing the database tables directly on your PC.If I have multiple movie sections, I don't want to refresh all of them when only one is associated with new releases.I think that it may be better to specify the exact sections(s) to refresh: "New Movies" and "TV Shows" for me.Okay, I've made some progress but now have another issue.