Park shin hye dating jang geun suk Free bi chat c2c

jeung suk said her mother likes park shin hye,beacuse they jang geun suk revael that he is in the relation of 8 years older women than him.

>>> i think he likes her and she likes him too but i think they're just keeping it in their selves because they dont want to break the relationship that they have right now..

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he said that its owkie to him to have a relationship with a woman 8 years older than him--but in any case he havent dated a woman 8 years older than him, i think JGS and PSH is starting on communicating each other via messages as i read in some sites..But one thing for sure is they are very close like siblings relationship (so they claimed)different.And its in the genes.people tend to change in their earlier years some later in life.. Well I'm a surgeon and I don't think he had any alterations unless we're in 2040 or so..The cast also seems unusually close and always in good humor, based on the behind-the-scenes clips that have been released. Someone who doesn’t lie, who shows her emotions on her face… Since I’m Shin-woo.” Geun-seok: “What if Park Shin-hye asked to date you?

(Basically, my principal reaction to the interview was, “Jang Geun-seok and Park Shin-hye, just date already!! ” Shin-hye (suddenly solemn): “That will not happen.” Yong-hwa (with a special smile): “I’d have to take care of her.

He looks paler nowadays and its in the make up and hairstyle.. that proves he didn't had any facial niptucks.wrinkle lines follow with his smile and you can't push you nose way back or make piggy noses once you've gone under the knife especially with what they say about him adding some nose bridge...

The following video clip (watch below) and interview caught the cast of You’re Beautiful in a rare spare moment as they filmed busily — time is scarce and it looks like they’re in the thick of live-shooting by this point, with just three more weeks left till the series wraps.

haahaa ANOTHER ANSWER: Welll actually, park shin hye is younger than Jung Geun Suk, she is like 19 or 20 right now and he is 23 or 24. I just wanted to point that out ANOTHER ANSWER AS WELL: From analyzing all the sources, it seems like JGS really likes PSH and vise-versa.

On top of that, JGS has no problem telling the whole world that PSH lives no more than 5 minutes from him by foot, and his mom likes PSH a lot, and that they are match made from heaven.

Renai-jang comes from Renaissance Jang, because my ideal woman is a Renaissance type woman.” HIGH CUT:: “Renaissance style?